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Mr. Happy Episode Guide (With creation dates and author's notes.)

"A Window On Another World: The Universe of Mr. Happy" -- March 2005

Author's notes: For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Mr. Happy, this might help. Basically, it is an introduction to the concept of Mr. Happy, although without pictures.Mr. Happy's out there, somewhere, perhaps inside each of us.

"Mr. Happy's Birth Date" -- 2002

Author's notes: This was the very first Mr. Happy comic ever created. It was a fun project for my daughter and me to work on together. It was really wonderful creating something with her, and we got a lot of laughs playing with the toys, building the set and doing the shoot for the scene. She was delighted with the results, and remains Mr. Happy's biggest fan to this day. My appologies for the poor quality of these comics. Many of these comics were created on old computer systems that required me to jump through hoops to get from set to final page. As a result, the final images are grainy at best. When I find the time, I'll try to find some of the original photos (if they even still exist) and try to recreate these episodes in higher quality.

"Mr. Happy Gets Lucky" -- August 2002

Author's notes: This was the first mult-page Mr. Happy comic and the beginning of what became to be refered to as the "Around the World" story arc. Some of this story was plotted and more episodes are planned.

"Looking for Mrs. Right" -- September 2002

Author's notes: The second "full-length" Mr. Happy comic episode and the second installment of the "Around the World" story arc.

"The Lost Episode"-- Late 2004?

Author's notes: I've often said that life is what happens to you while you're busy making plans for life. That, in a nutshell, is what happened to me while I was planning new Mr. Happy episodes. The demands and destractions of my personal and business lives kept me from creating any new Mr. Happy comics for quite a long time. As more and more requests for new Mr. Happy stories began pressing on me, I broke the "news" to the fans that Mr. Happy was on hiatus after having been bought out by a Japanese entertainment conglomerate, but that his stories would return soon. (I still hold myself to that promise. In fact there has been a new development in the plans for making new Mr. Happy comics: Mr. Happy recently hired an intern to help him continue his stories.) "The Lost Episode" was pieced together from the original set for the planned "Voyage of the Gigantic" that was to take Mr. Happy and Ms. Rite across the Atlantic to Europe and beyond as part of the "Around the World" story arc that grew out of the "Looking for Mrs. Right" story.

"Behind the White Door"-- February 2005

Author's notes: A spoof on the famous adult film "Behind the Green Door", this was the first in a planned series of one-page "shorts" featuring Mr. Happy and other characters. It was also the first time I used an actual person -- myself -- in the comic. With the advent of high-speed internet access, it has become a bit dated. If you don't know what "dial up" internet access was, ask your parents.

"Free Comics For Everyone!" -- March 2005

Author's notes: I created this one to promote the Free Comic Book Day event at The Comics Club. I really enjoyed shooting this one, and was rather impressed with how well the scene in front of the store worked out. It looks very much like the actual front enterance of The Comics Club.

"A Chat With Bob" -- April 2005

Author's notes: What can I say? Like many of us, Mr. Happy is a spiritual being, seeking the truth about life, the universe and everything. In this short, Mr. Happy gets a little enlightenment . . . or not.

That's it so far, kids. Mr. Happy and his new intern promise more adventures in the coming months, so please check back often. -- DJS 9/9/09


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